Sunday, November 13, 2011

Criticism of "Moneyball" film with Brad Pitt

It is as if Hollywood has heard all the my internal silent screaming, begging them to stop already with the aliens, superheroes and general lack of thought. Give me something intelligent and real - something which gives me the impression that I was not only the light of this Bill of $10 fire and sit in a room dark for 90 minutes. Well, Hello "Moneyball" - you have given hope me.

THE good: Let's get one thing directly, right at the front here - I don't like baseball. I went to a professional game for the Colorado Rockies years ago - which they played has been forgotten for a long time and was probably not yet something, I noticed at any event - and the only thing I liked about it was cute how players has been. It takes even further, I do not understand the mentality of "sports fanatic" set of any sport. Women who have lost their husband of TV giant screen for months, the men who become absolutely furious when some guy in black and white stripes has the audacity to point to the bottom of the field of what is clearly the wrong direction. Athletes obscenely overpaid seemingly auto destruction of right before our eyes. And do be not me started on the whole face and body painting thing. Or giant cheese hats. For example, you can understand that I had my reservations about this film, and frankly, 10 minutes into it I found myself thinking "at least Brad Pitt is beautiful and will provide a central point for me to get through this". Find out if my total lack of interest in the sport, imagine my surprise when I found myself actually enjoy watching baseball. If you do not know the premise of the plot, it's a semi-biographique history of Billy Beane (Brad Pitt doing the honours), General Manager of the Oakland A and his effort to assemble a team winning with very little funding, based on an analysis of the computer based on statistics. With the help of Peter mark prestigious graduates (beautifully played by Jonah Hill), they begin to sign players who "experts" have labelled as defective, but have the potential to make a winning team. The dialogue is surprisingly "no" - sensation. And look at the process of construction of this new club ball leaves you hoping against hope that it will work. It is an intelligent film, with moments of humor are so real, you feel that you are part of the team, not a member of public. Brad Pitt has emerged in an incredible actor and his time in this film is just spot on. It is nice to look at too. There is certainly that.

THE bad: the film had a slow start, this is why I found myself early worry that Brad was going to have to bring the case on the merits of its appearance only. Perhaps the Director tried to establish the anguish that Billy Beane felt after another in a long line of losses. It gets the right anxiety at least part. The search quickly after that, so just hang there. There is also a story on Billy ex-wife (Robin Wright) and daughter (Kerris Dorsey) who might have been nice to have developed only a bit more-it never really clear that happened, but what it was, ultimately, of course with all his money. And a new husband dorky. Probably the strangest part in history, however, was when Billy was ready to put her daughter 12 year on a plan to return to the mother after a visit with him. The girl expresses concern on the career of his father and to come and try to take his mind off it, he offers up to something along the lines of "why so do you fear me?" You should be more concerned about this plan you get sur-ces crash of things you know! "Epic parenting fail giant. I think it was meant to be funny, but as a parent - and someone who is deadly afraid of flying - I could not imagine saying something so stupid for your child. But what I know? In my view, the giant foam fingers are stupid too.

THE UGLY: Apparently, it basically SPIT as a baseball player. No one knows exactly why, but the game is just not worth playing if these men do not have a giant WAD of something in their lower lip. Can you imagine if all sports had this unwritten requirement? Sunflower shells around tennis courts, big filler chewing garbage of the swimming pool. It would be total chaos. And gross. Don't forget gross.
Therefore not misunderstand me: I still don't like baseball and I will be eternally grateful for a husband is not parking his butt on the couch to watch the playoffs - anything. But if you're a sports fan or not, this film will leave you feeling that you have received your money. It's a statistical certainty.

The trophy wife gives this 4 trophies half.

Moneyball has an execution time of 133 minutes and is rated PG 13 for a language. (The word used twice f)

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