Saturday, November 19, 2011

Review of Hotel Rwanda

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There are countless dilemmas that plague societies all over the world. In many cases, these dilemmas can result in things like rage, anger, devastation, hatred, and war. Out of all of the negatives that come from these situations, there can also come positive. Love, compassion, and strength are some of the positive traits that come to the forefront when humanity is needed. This is what the movie "Hotel Rwanda" illustrates.

"Hotel Rwanda" tells the story of Paul Rusesabagina (Don Cheadle) and his attempt to protect over a thousand civilians during a rebel outbreak in 1994. It focuses on the real life events that occurred in his life during this time of war. Rususabagina decided to go beyond his duties as a hotel manager and become a true and honest hero in the eyes of anyone who knows his story. Not only did he attempt to protect his family, but he did all he could to help save the lives of several others that many thing to ignore.

This is a film that speaks to and about the human spirit. It does its best to show the sacrifices that one man can make and how that can change things for the better whether he benefits from it or not. I was impressed with the overall film and the story itself. The people behind this movie took the time to create an authentic feel that made you believe that you were actually seeing these things as they happened. Director Terry George did a really nice job of creating a film that properly emphasizes the heinous actions that took place during the Rwandan genocide. I also loved the consist of shots that showed off the beauty of the environment that surrounded the actors.

Speaking of actors Don Cheadle was a great pick for the lead role in this movie. He always seems to add an element of humanity to his characters and that's exactly what he did in this Oscar nominated performance. Sophia Okonedo also performed well as the wife of Cheadle's character and that earned her a Oscar nomination as well. The relationship between them seemed to fit what a lot of the other characteristics in "Hotel Rwanda" did. It helped to add to the realism of the film. The great acting from basically all of the actors mixed in with good directing, really allowed this real life story to flourish and become what it was supposed to be. It seemed to me that they pulled off just about almost everything that they needed to while making this movie.

"Hotel Rwanda" talks about the differences that we have. Some of these differences can be real and some are only things that we create in our own minds. In some situations, some people will allow these differences to separate us and cause a lot of problems that shouldn't can't really exist to begin with. The genocide in Rwanda presents us with an extreme example of what can happen when we allow these things to go too far. As humans, we should all be able to understand and embrace who we are, but also respect and tolerate the differences that each person or group might have. We see that mentality through Paul Rususabagina and this movie based on a difficult time in his life. He overlooked what ever differences that may have been there and fully understood that we are all human beings first and foremost. If everyone knew what he figured out a long time ago, the world over would be just as good if not better than this movie.

Score: 8/10

Rating: PG - 13

Director: Terry George

Don Cheadle
Sophie Okonedo
Nick Nolte
Joaquin Phoenix
Jean Reno

Film Length: 121 minutes

Distributor: United Artists

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Shiver (Eskalofrio) Review

When it comes to watching movies of horror from outside America, I tend to look for more that nowhere else with those of Asia. Most of them appear to be unique and in some cases, you have no idea of what will happen. When you search for an another Asian horror film to look at, I found accidentally one of the Spain. It was called Shiver and I decided to look at, because I really wanted to see something that can be scary.

Santi (Junio Valverde) is a secondary school which has an odd physical condition prohibiting him to be in direct contact with the light of the Sun, called photophobia. Eager to make it easier for his son, his mother Julia (Mar Sodupe) Decides that it is better for them to move from one city to the mountain which sees much less Sun. Almost immediately after the new city, murders and strange things begin happening. People around the city quickly began to suspect that it has something to do with the new kid in town.

If you look at the film or pay attention to my description in the paragraph above, you will have an idea of what may be going on to shiver. That being said, you can also find things that you do would be not expected in this film who eventually take you in a different direction, then you could believe in origin. There are some important aspects apparently of the film are not really worn on or never properly addressed. Even if it is easily visible, they deliberately ignore some and leave in the background. I really liked how did. She added a more mysterious and disturbing atmosphere for the film and its characters.

In a sense, you can say that Shiver is a horror film that focuses on the unknown and ignores some of the that we know. It takes the main character and her confused with mystery and fear that hides in the background. When I say mixtures him, literally does not mean he and its history. After it gets the new town with her mother, they forget history back fairly quickly. Which is not a bad thing since I was only interested in the main aspects of the film anyway. I guess they were just using history as a reason for them to go to such City dark.

Although the premise is somewhat familiar, Shiver is not what I am used to frightening films. It is not an aggressive film and relies on suspense as its primary means to keep your attention. Add interesting characters and large images in with the fears of the city and the mystery that surrounds it, and you have a good movie to watch.

Score: 7/10.

Rating: No rating.

Director: Isidro Ortiz

Junio Valverde
Mar Sodupe
Frances Orella
Blanca Suárez
Jimmy Barnatán

Film length: 91 minutes.

Release date: July 18, 2008

Distributor: Video Cine y TV

Country: Spain

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Negotiator Review

Samuel l. Jackson on the scene of the film for about 4 decades. Large or small, has taken all types of roles, and has certainly paid his dues in Hollywood. Back in the 80's and in the early 90's, it has appeared in several small roles in films such as coming to America, Jungle Fever, Jurassic Park and the free. In 1994, Jackson obtained which could have its biggest break when he plays the memorable Jules Winnfield in Pulp Fiction. After Pulp Fiction, attempts to lead characters Jackson did not go usually well, but he found the consistent success of seconds roles. At the time, I was wondering when he would be able to find a main role in a good movie. He did just that, in the negotiator of the.

The negotiator, Danny Roman (Samuel l. Jackson) is a negotiator hostage for the Chicago police department. He is considered the best in its field and is coming off the coast of completed work that gets him the recognition of media who earns his positive feedback. After his return to work, Roman discovered the possibility of diversion of current fund to the Department of the police and that one of his colleagues linked to the case is dead. To make matters worse, Roman itself is now seen as the main suspect in the case of murder and embezzlement.

Appearing as options and face serious charges face, Roman decides to go home affairs and taking several hostages to try to find the truth. His list of requirements include finding the informant linked to the case and at the top of the page negotiator Chris Sabian (Kevin Spacey). He chose Sabian although he doesn't really know him, because it is an another enclosure and is not connected to anything that can be in progress. Romain understands that it is the best way to prove is innocence.

One of the first things that comes to mind when I think of this film is the acting. Jackson and Spacey that both set on high range performance that deserve to be recognized as they lead a strong cast. These two are professional and managed their jobs, as you can expect. There is a cat with romain and Sabian and mouse game is happening between the two which captures the qualities and capacities of actors and their characters.

When you think of movies like this, they must be difficult to implement. They are defined in one place and are hectic. The negotiator, Director f. Gary Gray is able to do this film and the formula interesting and full of suspense. The focus of the film is placed right on the two negotiators as they butt heads and their incessant battles against external forces which do not want this case resolved correctly. It is difficult for Sabian as it seeks its best to ensure that this is as quiet as possible, while the novel uses its knowledge and experience to do all it can to repel attempts to take it down. These situations are shown create all the necessary and allows a long enough to go really fast film.

This film is about everything that could be expected of a film of suspense. You will know from the beginning if Roman is innocent or not, but true quality that draws you in belongs to the characters, the action and conspiracies around them which will become more important than the film comes to an end.

Score: 7/10.

Rating: R

Director: F. Gary Gray

Samuel l. Jackson
Kevin Spacey
David Morse
John Spencer
J.T. Walsh
Ron Rifkin
Paul Giamatti

Film length: 141 minutes

Release date: July 29, 1998

Distributor: Warner Bros. pictures.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Criticism of "Moneyball" film with Brad Pitt

It is as if Hollywood has heard all the my internal silent screaming, begging them to stop already with the aliens, superheroes and general lack of thought. Give me something intelligent and real - something which gives me the impression that I was not only the light of this Bill of $10 fire and sit in a room dark for 90 minutes. Well, Hello "Moneyball" - you have given hope me.

THE good: Let's get one thing directly, right at the front here - I don't like baseball. I went to a professional game for the Colorado Rockies years ago - which they played has been forgotten for a long time and was probably not yet something, I noticed at any event - and the only thing I liked about it was cute how players has been. It takes even further, I do not understand the mentality of "sports fanatic" set of any sport. Women who have lost their husband of TV giant screen for months, the men who become absolutely furious when some guy in black and white stripes has the audacity to point to the bottom of the field of what is clearly the wrong direction. Athletes obscenely overpaid seemingly auto destruction of right before our eyes. And do be not me started on the whole face and body painting thing. Or giant cheese hats. For example, you can understand that I had my reservations about this film, and frankly, 10 minutes into it I found myself thinking "at least Brad Pitt is beautiful and will provide a central point for me to get through this". Find out if my total lack of interest in the sport, imagine my surprise when I found myself actually enjoy watching baseball. If you do not know the premise of the plot, it's a semi-biographique history of Billy Beane (Brad Pitt doing the honours), General Manager of the Oakland A and his effort to assemble a team winning with very little funding, based on an analysis of the computer based on statistics. With the help of Peter mark prestigious graduates (beautifully played by Jonah Hill), they begin to sign players who "experts" have labelled as defective, but have the potential to make a winning team. The dialogue is surprisingly "no" - sensation. And look at the process of construction of this new club ball leaves you hoping against hope that it will work. It is an intelligent film, with moments of humor are so real, you feel that you are part of the team, not a member of public. Brad Pitt has emerged in an incredible actor and his time in this film is just spot on. It is nice to look at too. There is certainly that.

THE bad: the film had a slow start, this is why I found myself early worry that Brad was going to have to bring the case on the merits of its appearance only. Perhaps the Director tried to establish the anguish that Billy Beane felt after another in a long line of losses. It gets the right anxiety at least part. The search quickly after that, so just hang there. There is also a story on Billy ex-wife (Robin Wright) and daughter (Kerris Dorsey) who might have been nice to have developed only a bit more-it never really clear that happened, but what it was, ultimately, of course with all his money. And a new husband dorky. Probably the strangest part in history, however, was when Billy was ready to put her daughter 12 year on a plan to return to the mother after a visit with him. The girl expresses concern on the career of his father and to come and try to take his mind off it, he offers up to something along the lines of "why so do you fear me?" You should be more concerned about this plan you get sur-ces crash of things you know! "Epic parenting fail giant. I think it was meant to be funny, but as a parent - and someone who is deadly afraid of flying - I could not imagine saying something so stupid for your child. But what I know? In my view, the giant foam fingers are stupid too.

THE UGLY: Apparently, it basically SPIT as a baseball player. No one knows exactly why, but the game is just not worth playing if these men do not have a giant WAD of something in their lower lip. Can you imagine if all sports had this unwritten requirement? Sunflower shells around tennis courts, big filler chewing garbage of the swimming pool. It would be total chaos. And gross. Don't forget gross.
Therefore not misunderstand me: I still don't like baseball and I will be eternally grateful for a husband is not parking his butt on the couch to watch the playoffs - anything. But if you're a sports fan or not, this film will leave you feeling that you have received your money. It's a statistical certainty.

The trophy wife gives this 4 trophies half.

Moneyball has an execution time of 133 minutes and is rated PG 13 for a language. (The word used twice f)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Killer Elite Review

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Sir Ranulph Fiennes, pendant huit ans, était membre de l'armée britannique. Pendant ce temps, il sert dans la Royal Scots Greys et le Special Air Service (SAS) aussi bien. En 1991, il écrit un roman sur les hommes qui lui, a sauvé sa vie appelé « Plumes hommes ». Le film « Killer Elite » est basé sur ce roman controversé que certains se sentent les gens est constitué de fiction complète.

« Killer Elite » est un film qui est censée être basée sur des événements réels. Jason Statham : Danny Bryce est la vedette. Bryce est un agent de retraite ops spécial qui est renvoyé de force dans action après que son mentor Hunter (Robert De Niro) est fait prisonnier par un cheikh arabe. Afin que Hunter d'être libérés, Bryce doit tuer trois hommes qui sont accusés d'avoir tué trois des quatre fils du Cheikh. Bryce rassemble une équipe de l'aider dans cette mission et bientôt suivi par Spike Logan (Clive Owen) et un groupe secret auquel il est associé.

Je ne sais pas combien de cette histoire était effectivement vrai, mais j'ai aimé ce film. C'est un film robuste avec une variété d'action qui est juste amusant à regarder. Bien qu'il est reconnu par son action et de la violence, le film lui-même avait une intrigue divertissant qui est rempli de personnages intéressants et espionnage international. Hors de l'ensemble de l'action dans le film, j'ai aimé probablement les fusillades et chase séquences les plus. Les scènes de combat main à main ont bien, mais ils semblent parfois un peu trop irréalistes et ils ont pris un peu plus longtemps que prévu. Je dois dire qu'un de mes scènes de combat préférée est où vieil homme Robert De Niro est utilisant des arts martiaux de kick ass. Je ne pense pas que je l'ai vu avant de le faire, mais c'était cool. L'action dans son ensemble a été intense et il conserve facilement votre attention tout au long de la durée du film.

J'ai aimé aussi comment intéressants et variés ont été les caractères. Ils ont aidé à ajouter de la vie et la personnalité qui le film nécessaire même si ils manquaient dans l'émotion humaine normale. La plupart des personnages de ce film ne peut pas vraiment être considérée comme gentils ou méchants en soi. Par la force ou par choix, les hommes de « Killer Elite » font tout simplement leur emploi pour l'essentiel. Comment ils le font eux peut être remise en question, mais il y a délibérément jamais vraiment toute tentative de créer un avis définitif sur qui est bon ou qui est mauvaise.

Certaines de ces choses dans le film est clairement la fiction, mais je ne peux dire évidemment pas si elle est plus proche de fait ou de fantaisie. Quoi qu'il en soit, je dirai que c'est un film de rythme rapide qui avait beaucoup en cours, mais qui était facile à suivre. Si vous souhaitez action, cela peut être un film, que vous pourriez vouloir donner un coup d'oeil.

Score : 7/10.

Cote: R

Directeur : Gary McKendry

Interprètes :
Jason Statham
Clive Owen
Robert De Niro
Yvonne Strahovski
Dominic Purcell
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

Longueur du film : 100 minutes.

Date de sortie : 23 septembre 2011

Distributeur : Open Road Films

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Review of Halloween (1978)

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Il est octobre et cela signifie que Halloween est au coin de la rue. Pendant ce temps, il va être beaucoup horreur films projetés sur t.v. et certains vont être sorti en salles. C'est la raison pour laquelle que j'aime ce mois-ci autant que je le fais. Comme moi, la plupart des gens peuvent se considèrent comme fans de films effrayants. Si vous pouvez regarder les sur votre propre ou vous avez besoin d'autres il avec vous. Certains d'entre nous adorent le sentiment d'être effrayé ou croyant il y a une chance d'être effrayé. D'autres aiment le sang et al gore qui vient avec une bonne partie de ces films. Je n'ai pas vraiment eu peur ou tout en regardant ces films puisque j'étais gamin, mais qui était jamais la seule raison pourquoi je regardais. La principale raison pourquoi j'aime les films d'horreur est parce que j'aime l'aspect entière de pas savoir et aux prises avec le suspense qui pourrait venir avec lui. J'ai vu quelques films effrayants au cours de ma vie et de tous ceux que j'ai vu, il y a certains que je détiens en haute estime. Une de celles-ci est un film appelé Halloween.

Après avoir tué sa sœur sur l'Halloween de 1963, une fillette de six ans Michael Myers (Will Sandin) est institutionnalisé et placé sous la supervision psychiatrique du Dr Samuel Loomis (Donald Pleasance) à sanatorium de la Smith de Grove. Myers s'échappe le sanatorium et remonte le jour avant l'Halloween à sa ville natale en 1978. C'est là qu'il voit Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) et qu'il la suit. Tout en ayant plusieurs victimes sur son esprit, Laurie devient cible principale de Michael. Alors que ce qui se passe, Dr Loomis craint que Myers iront sur une série de meurtres et décide de traquer le psychopathe avec l'espoir d'arrêter de lui.

Étant un film indépendant, Halloween n'avait pas beaucoup de ressources à faire beaucoup. C'est probablement un des principaux facteurs dans le film fait si bien. Ce film a été créé avec une puce et structure simple qui ne pouvait pas passer par-dessus bord comme beaucoup d'autres films ont (y compris certains des suites de l'Halloween). Il reste le cours et ajoute une sensation délibérée mais spooky à un environnement quotidien normal. Je devra aussi donner crédit à réalisateur John Carpenter et son co-auteur Debra Hill pour savoir comment construire un film comme celui-ci. À l'aide d'une actrice fait ses débuts (Jamie Lee Curtis) et un homme masqué silencieux, fou et dangereux, ils ont pu concevoir un film d'horreur qui tient toujours à aujourd'hui.

Halloween est une horreur classique et un de mes favoris personnels. Une des choses que j'ai toujours apprécié sur ce film est qu'elles faites un film d'horreur légitimes sans utiliser de sang et très peu de gore. Je n'ai aucun problème avec du sang ou de gore dans les films, mais quelques films semblent juste aller délibérément par-dessus bord avec elle qu'il semble qu'ils tentent de remplacer les paniques avec trop de sang et de tripes, avec l'espoir que nul avis la différence. Ce film est quelque chose qui s'est appuyé sur le suspense pour effrayer vous plus qu'autre chose, et ils ont fait un travail merveilleux avec leur approche. Il contient une quantité adéquate de suspense qui harmonieusement guide l'horreur dans la bonne direction et permet la pellicule de parler d'elle-même.

Michael Myers est utilisé d'une manière qui il tue en silence et son arrivée toujours semble venir de nulle part. Cela (et la musique) contribue à créer une atmosphère qui est parfaite pour l'histoire. Ajouter que sur des détails qui est en place dans l'ensemble et vous ont les makings d'un film d'horreur de grande et influente.

Je n'ai pas trop nombreuses critiques de ce film et celui que j'ai n'a vraiment rien à voir avec l'histoire réelle. Comme vous voyez quand vous regardez le film, Michael Myers lecteurs de retour dans sa ville natale afin d'y arriver. La partie étrange c'est qu'il a été enfermé de puisqu'il était âgé de six ans. Quand et comment cet dude a fait savoir comment conduire ? Il n'est pas si importante dans le grand ordre des choses, mais c'est quelque chose qui attire toujours mon attention quand je regarde. Au moins la majorité du reste du film est logique et je pense que j'irai jamais fatigué de regarder.

Score : 8/10.

Cote: R

Directeur : John Carpenter

Interprètes :
Donald Pleasance
Jamie Lee Curtis
Nancy Loomis
P.J. Soles
Nick Castle

Date de sortie : 25 octobre 1978

Longueur du film : 93 minutes

Distributeur : Boussole Pictures International

Monday, November 7, 2011

Paranormal Activity 3 Review

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When Paranormal Activity was released, I had no real interest in seeing it. I thought it would be just another one of those "found footage" movies that was attempting to be like The Blair Witch Project. I ended up watching it and I found it to be boring and uneventful. The acting wasn't very good and the movie just wasn't scary. Now that I have this blog I basically had to review the new Paranormal Activity 3 movie that's being released although I didn't want to. Many people believe that the films that come after their originals aren't ain't as good. That way of thinking appears to be true in most cases, but I was hoping that Paranormal Activity 3 would be one of the few exceptions to that rule.

Paranormal Activity 3 is a prequel to the original film. It features Kate and Kristi as children back in September of 1988. Its goal is to give a back story to the first two films and help us understand how all of this came to be in that family.

In my review of Apollo 18, I remember saying that the movie was okay but they needed to stop with these "found footage" horror films. After seeing Paranormal Activity 3 I will gladly take that back. This movie was straight up spooky and creepy. They did everything in this film that they tried (and failed) to do in the original version. The way they set up the scenes and scares in this film worked almost every time. You could feel it coming, but you didn't know what it was and you didn't know when it was going to happen. That kind of suspense built up the actual events even more and it went on for the whole film with almost no. down time. It's even done like this at the end of Paranormal Activity 3 and what happens will catch you completely off guard.

These actors were probably the best in the series so far. They were believable in their roles and you either felt everything they felt or you saw what they felt or experienced. They showed you the perspective of pretty much every within character and I think that added to the overall development of the film. As many scares as they tried to put in this movie, the characters made it even more realistic. When I think about it, even the comedic spots they were involved in fit perfectly and felt natural.

Paranormal Activity 3 is definitely one of the best scary movies that I've ever seen before in my entire life. They didn't use any gore and you couldn't really see the ghostly entity that was wreaking havoc. This movie used tension, fear and the unknown as its most important weapons. They used all of those along with a good cast to marvelously tell the story. I thought these "found footage" movies had run their course and I was certain that my review of this movie would be a bad one. I went into this movie with a negative attitude and came out of it with a huge smile on my face. I don't scare easily, goal Paranormal Activity 3 almost got me at least a few times... almost.

Score: 8/10

Rating: R

Henry Joost
Ariel Schulman

Christopher Nicholas Smith
Lauren Bittner
Chloe Cserngey
Jessica Tyler Brown
Katie Featherston
Sprague Grayden
Brian Boland

Film Length: 84 minutes

Release Date: October 21, 2011

Distributor: Paramount Pictures