Thursday, November 17, 2011

Shiver (Eskalofrio) Review

When it comes to watching movies of horror from outside America, I tend to look for more that nowhere else with those of Asia. Most of them appear to be unique and in some cases, you have no idea of what will happen. When you search for an another Asian horror film to look at, I found accidentally one of the Spain. It was called Shiver and I decided to look at, because I really wanted to see something that can be scary.

Santi (Junio Valverde) is a secondary school which has an odd physical condition prohibiting him to be in direct contact with the light of the Sun, called photophobia. Eager to make it easier for his son, his mother Julia (Mar Sodupe) Decides that it is better for them to move from one city to the mountain which sees much less Sun. Almost immediately after the new city, murders and strange things begin happening. People around the city quickly began to suspect that it has something to do with the new kid in town.

If you look at the film or pay attention to my description in the paragraph above, you will have an idea of what may be going on to shiver. That being said, you can also find things that you do would be not expected in this film who eventually take you in a different direction, then you could believe in origin. There are some important aspects apparently of the film are not really worn on or never properly addressed. Even if it is easily visible, they deliberately ignore some and leave in the background. I really liked how did. She added a more mysterious and disturbing atmosphere for the film and its characters.

In a sense, you can say that Shiver is a horror film that focuses on the unknown and ignores some of the that we know. It takes the main character and her confused with mystery and fear that hides in the background. When I say mixtures him, literally does not mean he and its history. After it gets the new town with her mother, they forget history back fairly quickly. Which is not a bad thing since I was only interested in the main aspects of the film anyway. I guess they were just using history as a reason for them to go to such City dark.

Although the premise is somewhat familiar, Shiver is not what I am used to frightening films. It is not an aggressive film and relies on suspense as its primary means to keep your attention. Add interesting characters and large images in with the fears of the city and the mystery that surrounds it, and you have a good movie to watch.

Score: 7/10.

Rating: No rating.

Director: Isidro Ortiz

Junio Valverde
Mar Sodupe
Frances Orella
Blanca Suárez
Jimmy Barnatán

Film length: 91 minutes.

Release date: July 18, 2008

Distributor: Video Cine y TV

Country: Spain

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